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Basil Fillan

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Email Address:

printf "%s@%s\n" $(awk -F : '$3==0 {print $1}' /etc/passwd) $(echo "626173696c66696c6c616e2e756b0a" | xxd -r -p)

Network bits:

I operate AS207080

AS207080 has a relatively open peering policy, and can establish peering over the following exchanges:

  • KleyReX - Frankfurt, Germany
  • Speed-IX - The Netherlands
  • EMF-IX - A field somewhere near wales - United Kingdom - Returning in 2022
Requirements for bilateral peering:
  • Traffic exchanged must exceed that generated by BGP control traffic, a minimum of 10mbps is recommended.
  • Routes must not already be exchanged via multilateral peering using IXP route servers.
Peering requests that do not meet this criteria may not be replied to.

Strict route filtering is in place for peers, generated from IRR hourly. RPKI OV is enforced on all eBGP sessions.

Prefixes are only accepted where traffic has been exchanged in the preceding week, in an effort to reduce the RIB size on smaller edge routers.

A network-weathermap for AS207080 is available here